Enrichment Program

An enrichment program allows students to learn at a higher level. Our “Enrichment Programs” are designed to make students focus on specific subjects and enable them to work at a level that feels convenient to them. It is a customized tutoring program that allows kids to excel at their own pace. Our “Enrichment programs” work to spark students’ engagement and interest in learning material. This will help students become more confident and make youth able to realize their true potential.

Africa Hospital

East African Healthcare Network is dedicated to providing medical imaging equipment to the countries of East Africa. We use flexible models for work that put patients, doctors, and Trusts at the core of all we do. We have a track record of providing services in Tanzania, Kenya, and Somalia. Radiology is a kind of medical imaging that is crucial to patient treatment.
Radiology is vital medical imaging (x-ray, CT Scanner, Ultrasound, MRI Scanner, etc.) essential for healthcare. Over half the world lacks radiology, impacting diagnosis and treatment of cancer, heart disease, infections, trauma, maternal-infant complications, and much more.
We have risen to the top of the imaging market by concentrating on constant innovation and providing the most efficient services and technology, ensuring that we can always meet and fulfill even the most complicated diagnostic requirements.